1. Ordenar materiales

PRIMARY (we are considering to either buy a different book for 1 and 2 together or not buying at all)
3d Blue Booklet from Primary Unit,
4th Texto Lenguage 1 (ContinuaciĆ³n)
5th Aventura! (verde ) Primera Parte
6th Aventura! (verde ) Segunda Parte (first semester ) / Avancemos Level 1a First part (second Semester)
7th Avancemos Level 1a Second part (First Semester) / Avancemos Level 1b First part (second Semester)
8th Avancemos Level 1b Second part (First Semester)

2. Ordenar Textos
3. Hablar con Tiziana
4. Grupos
5. PUG and PU F in the afternoon (40' periods vs. 30' )
6. Revisar curriculum
7. Libros de Octavo