-El Tiempo
la palabra diaria (learn a new word each day)
the verb of the week (learn a new verb every week)

podcast in Spanish(An extensive series of podcasts in Spanish, intended for Spanish as a second language learners)

Noticias en español
Spanish/English dictionary
Spanish Rhyming Dictionary (you write the word and find a word that rime)
conjugate any verb (check the right verb conjugation)

**Grammar** (click here for more grammar practice)

StudySpanish.com(Spanish tutorial, popular site free test, quiz, oral to practice your grammar)
estructura de la frase ( the order of the words in a sentence)

more grammar (short) grammar review)

COLBY Grammar exercises(listen to songs, and poems , practice your pronunciation)
reflexivos (a funny song to practice reflexive)
present tense, preterit, future tense verbs
El uso de los acentos escritos

grammar tips (practice Spanish conversation, listen to native speakers topics:clothing, getting around and more)

Games (play and practice)

Yabla Videos y noticias en español)

Spanish Tutorial(another site to review grammar)
Burrito Games (make a burrito when you get the right answer)
QUIZLET (flash cards, memory games and more)
Word Searches
Por-para , POR -para(play and get familiar with the use of both)

Create Your Own Cartoon (choose a cartoon, have fun)
Juegos (practica el vocabulario de la familia, saludos, descrpciones y mas.)
Zimbombazo ( Spanish songs, poems and more)

Guia de estudio de verano

Guia de estudio de 6to grado

Guia de estudio 7th grado

Guia de estudio 8vo grado